Call Of Shadows

A mysterious letter arrives

Mr. Fixer Johnson? Who in the world had such a terrible name?

September 23rd, 1938 –
Opening your newspaper and glancing at the headlines, you can’t help but feel it’s a particularly harsh year. The death toll from what the media is calling the Long Island Express has reached over 600 people. An underground explosion at a coal mine in Stanton England killed another 78. Europe looks like it might be preparing for war again. Things are definitely unpleasant. You toss the paper in the rubbish, tired of the bad news and look through your mail. A letter from a creditor, reminding you of an upcoming house payment… A letter from a family member, informing you of the addition to their home… Then you reach the last letter, the postmark indicates it came from Bend in Oregon.
My friend,
I am saddened to inform you of the passing of a friend of yours. A Mr. Fixer Johnson of Brothers, Oregon. He left a very clear will which identified you, as well as some of his other friends, as the shared inheritors of his ranch. If you could meet me at my office in Bend, we can finalize the paperwork and hand the property over to you. Thank you for your time.
James Alexander, Esq
Bend, OR


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