Daichi Nakamura, AKA Mr East

Bend as the reed, never to break.


Body – 4
Agility – 6
Reaction – 5
Strength – 4
Willpower – 5
Logic – 2
Intuition – 5
Charisma – 3
Edge – 7
Magic – 2

Swords (Katana) 6 (8)
Unarmed 6
Influence Group – 5
Crafting Swords (Katana) – 6 (8)
Perception – 6
Instruction – 6 (unarmed)
Gymnastics – 2
Animal handling – 2

History (ancient) 2 (4)
Architecture 2
Philosophy 6
Poetry 2
Mythology 2
Religion 2

Simsense Virtigo
Astral Beacon (Notes in Bio)
Warrior’s Code, Peaceful Warrior (Notes in Bio)
College Educated
Sense of Direction

Adept powers:
Improved Reflexes – 1
Adrenaline Boost – 2

Armored Jacket
Since first run:
Sleeping tiger suit

Middle Lifestyle



1. Has the character done anything else for a living? Three years teaching Philosophy to spoiled corporate brats left Daichi disenfranchised with the world he’d hoped to help.
2. What is your characters biggest stat weakness as far as you are concerned? His lack of access to the matrix has impaired him greatly in his studies. As such he has collected as many books as he can.
3. What special qualities does the character possess? This is for personality definition, not ‘qualities from the book’ special qualities. Such as are they a musician? Do they enjoy contact sports? Have they seen combat and how did it affect them? what about the character allowed the experience to affect them that way? After losing faith, Daichi sought alternatives, some way to change the world without violence. Eventually, he met Saul Hanzo, a martial arts master and practitioner of the Way of the Peaceful Warrior.
4. What is your characters favorite food? Tofu scramble.
5. Is there anyone in your character’s life that they have wronged, and feel badly about? No.
6. What is your long term goal for your character? To improve the lives of all people.
7. Do you have a mentor spirit? What is it? Saul Hanzo.
8. If you could have a mentor spirit, what would it be?
9. Is there anyone who has wronged your character? Tell me about it. A few of the parents of Daichi’s students filed complaints against him and his teachings, eventually necessitating his resignation.
10. Are there certain things the character just cannot do? What are her limitations? Is she terrible with money? Is she incapable of harming children? Does she have a crippling fear of heights, or find it nearly impossible to form close relationships? While his belief will always lead him to do what is right, what causes the least harm, he is also profoundly solitary. Other runners may be loners from society, but Daichi is alone even from other runners, He assumes the identity of a freak among freaks, knowing that his ideas about justice and balance, mercy and compassion, will fall on deaf ears among hired killers and corporate spy’s.
11. Where was the character born? What was the character’s childhood like? Childhood was a time of education and training, even then Daichi, who’s name means Glorious Firstborn, questioned his parents and teachers; how could their version of reality be true? How could so much violence and hate be justified? His pursuit of Philosophy followed these questions.
12. What are the next three upgrades you plan to make to your character with Karma? Logic, Swords and magical ability.
13. What was the character’s family like? Did he have siblings? Did he grow up in a large, close-knit group, or was he an orphan with no one he could trust to look out for him? Does he have any dark family secrets? Both Daichi’s parents work for Mitasahuma, both hold good jobs one as an exec, the other as a liaison to the Yakuza. They have rejected every meaningful life choice their first born has made and after he began his martial training, ceased contact altogether. His younger brother Akio occasionally calls and the two make small talk past corporate censures. Akio silently respects his brothers choice too strike out alone, and resents living up to his parents impossible expectations.
14.Would you consider buying off a negative quality, if so which one? No, all his qualities are part of his character.
15. What does the character hate? Elves? Religious people? Corporations? Personality surveys? Himself? Cthulhu? Daichi doesn’t hate as a personal choice, hate is an emotion that can only cause harm, and he strives, in every way, to do no harm. If he were to name a concept he wishes were no more, hate would be it.
16. What does the character love? This could be a person (like a lover or family member); an ideal (justice, freedom, metahuman rights); an item (her favorite gun); a location; or even herself. He strives to love all things, everything he does comes from a place of love, a desire for universal harmony. His Astral signature glows with the light of his focused and trained compassion, and his willingness to defend the spark of humanity, even in those who would seek to destroy it in others. To Mr East, destroying another life is always a sad event, no matter the reason. Anyone can be brought to a better path with the right teacher. Such is the way of thee peaceful warrior.

Daichi Nakamura, AKA Mr East

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