Mr. Javier Ortega

A teddy bear of an orc running an orphanage in the Barrens.


A large orc with a heart of gold. He has long grey hair tied back in a ponytail, and wears a nice, if dated and faded, suit.


Javier Ortega was only seven when he saw his mother murdered for the food she was bringing back to the street kids. Someone wanted it for themselves, she refused, they insisted with force. Javier than swore to bring peace and quiet to the Barrens, even if it took the rest of his life. He traveled to Seattle for a while, earning money as a runner doing low level jobs for various causes. Never wet work. Usually protection or transportation.

After making a bit of coin on the street he returned to the Barrens and opened his orphanage, the Redmond Children’s House, for the many abandoned and lost children that eek out a survival here. Many of the kids end up as shadowrunners themselves, which is a better life than what they would have had in the Barrens. Some though end up taking advantage of the situation and obtain education which allows them some opportunities through various industries around Seattle.

Javier still keeps in contact with many of his former children via messaging systems on the matrix. Many of his successful former children continue to donate to Javier’s orphanage.

Mr. Javier Ortega

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