Samuel "Spade" Turner

African America WWI Vet


An elderly African American in an Army uniform with a leather flight cap


Samuel Turner was born to a porter and a Maid in 1896 in China. He just barely survived the Boxer Rebellion but his parents were killed. He was mistakenly sent to America even though he is of British African descent. He lived in an orphanage until he joined the military at 16. He was a World War I pilot until he went down behind enemy lines and was temporarily attachede to the the French Foreign Legion. He joined hte French Foreign Legion after the war but was later discharged. He became a sailor briefly but was fired in Hong Kong. He worked odd jobs in Hong Kong for British citizens until he hapened to meet a member of the Triad while playing Mahjong. He became a heroin smuggler until he ran afoul of his boss. He took refuge in a shaolin monastery where he studied budhism and kung fu. He left China for Egypt where he portered for an archaeologist. He learned dead languages and the rudiments of archaeology. When the dig ended he headed back to the states and opened a private investigation agency.

Samuel "Spade" Turner

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