1930's Character Creation

No cyberware (obviously)

Priority Chart –
Magic E,
Resources D

Optional Pen and Paper rule – There are many new skills and they can’t be reasonably clustered into groups. You are better off with more individual skill points than skill group points, however, not all of the skill groups are ruined by the changes in skills. So if you would rather put those points into ungrouped skills, this is how: add 3 * skill group points granted by the priority to your total skill points.

Unfortunately, I’d have to have deeper access to the shadowrun system to add this to the Hero Lab system. Due to licensing rules, I can’t make changes to some of those core components.

You can use normal skill rules and get skill groups as long as the group doesn’t contain a blocked skill. This limits the list to, Acting, Athletics (replace Gymnastics with Dodge), Close Combat, Engineering, Firearms (replace automatics with submachine guns and longarms with either shotguns or rifles), Influence, Outdoors or Stealth. If you have recommendations for skill groups based off the skill changes, I’ll listen to them and if I agree, we’ll add it to Hero Lab and you can rebuild your character with the skill group instead.

Metatype – You can choose any core metatype, but you will be ‘human’ for all intents and purposes, but a human that kinda seems ‘troll-ish’ or ‘elf-ish’

Add the following Derived Attributes to the stat sheet:

Idea = Int + Log
OPTIONAL Free Knowledge Skill Points = Log * 5 (instead of Int + Log * 2)
99 – Cthulhu Mythos = 99 (this is a value that starts at 99 and decreases over time as you learn new things about that which lays in between)
Sanity = 15 + ((Essence + Willpower) * 5) — Sanity will raise and fall over gameplay. Your cthulhu mythos knowledge skill will affect your maximum sanity values. Sanity represents your capability to operate in the normal world.

Lifestyle = Medium. 2d6 for starting cash. Compare result to list below to determine actual starting cash.
2 – $1500, 3 = $2500, 4 & 5 = $3500, 6 = $4500, 7 & 8 = $5500, 9 = $6500, 10 = $7500, 11 = $10,000, 12 = $20,000

See Gear for gear to spend that cash on.

Choose an Occupation or create a new one from the 1930s and allocate your skill points based off that occupation and your character’s interests. See the 1930s Skill Table to determine which skills to pull from. You choose 8 Skills (Active or Occupation) for your occupation and can have any number of personal interest skills as long as you have points to allocate. The minimum rank for the skills you choose as Occupation Skills is 3. (This is your profession, you need to be good at what you do). After this, spend some time coming up with your character background and identity.

If you’re familiar with the CoC rules here are how the attributes translate from the CoC system to SR5.

Size & Con == Body
Dexterity == Agility & Reaction
Appearance == Cha
Intellect == Intuition
Education == Logic
Pow == Willpower
Luck == Edge
Str == Str

1930's Character Creation

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