Samantha Kane



Skills: 46/10
Attrubutes: 20
Metatype: Human
Money: 50000
Magic: Zero

Body: 3
Agility: 3
Reflex: 6
Strength: 2 Karma
Willpower: 3
Intuition: 5
Logic: 4
Charisma: 3
Edge: 7

Pistols – 6
Unarmed – 6
Dodge – 6
Explosives – 6
Craft (Explosives) – 6
Drive – 6
Etiquette (Celebrity) – 4 (6)
Impersonation – 2
Dancing – 5
Photography – 4
Occult – 6
Con – 6
Negotiation – 6
leadership – 6

– Caves and Rock 4
– Occult 4
– Boltholes 6
– Philosophy 4
– Film 5


Samantha Kane was born Dalai Svetlana in a small town in South Germany. Her mother Julia was the town whore and killed herself shortly after Dalai’s birth, unable to live with the shame the townsfolk heaped upon her. Dalai’s father worked in the mine, the towns only source of income. He worked demolition, and though he cared little for being a father and never shed a tear when Julia died, he took in Dalai and raised her as best he could. He taught her his craft, and she took to it well, becoming his ‘Licht in den schwarzen’ his light in the darkness.

Dalai was twelve when the Russians came. Her father didn’t talk about the war, thought Dalai knew from the other kids that something was going on in the outside world. Whether they’d been ordered to put the town to the torch, or simply wished to, Dalai never learned.

She’d been making soup so her father could eat when he got home when a tank shell went off outside, no sooner had she run out to see what it was then another blasted the house to pieces, sending her running for the mine. The sounds of the attack filled her head even as she reached the mine with a few others, her father was their and led them inside, blasting the cave mouth and sealing a half dozen away from the Russian attack.

In the haste, no one had thought to get a lamp, and so the little band headed into the mine in search of an exit. For four days they walked, four days in the black. A few had been hurt in the fighting, so it was slow going, and accidents soon made things worse. The floor was uneven and a nasty fall claimed a mother and child, they’d all been walking a narrow ledge, heard her shout, then nothing, like she’d never been there. A young wondered away down another path, one minute Dalai could have sword they were beside her, the next she tried to talk to them and found no one at all. On the third day her father fell off a boulder and couldn’t get up. He told her to go on, that she was strong and brave and a light in the darkness. He died in the black, frightened but not alone, and Dalai climbed to daylight.

Once she made it to a town she learned what had happened, and hours later was presented with an importunity as a bunch of Russian officers enjoyed a day off. Employing her fathers teachings was simple and their car was unattended while she rigged it and took a seat with a clear view. The resistance recruited her that night.

She refused to teach them her fathers trade, saying he’d have considered the men of the resistance ‘unworthy of a true craft’. Such it was that she became a sabatuer. She learned from the men of the Resistant, most having been criminals, how to get by without being seen, how to take what you need without anyone knowing, how to infiltrate, sabotage and enjoy the results over drinking and fighting. They taught her to survive the real world, the dangerous world outside civilization.

It was late November, seven years later. The farmhouse where the fighters had been given shelter was attacked from all sides by figures, hooded and robed, chanting together. Despite the assailants having only knives, they came on quickly and in number. The resistance fighters were quickly driven and forced too flee. Most died, Dalai only surviving by jumping three stories into a hay bale and running stealing one of their cars.

After the attack she went to ground, hiding out and following clues she’d taken from the stolen car. The first had been a letter, a casual discussion of things to be done over the summer, but it was gold to young Dalai. The envelope had an address; in the united states.

She hopped a train through France and Spain before stowing away on a boat America.

She came into New York not knowing a word of English and quickly learned that German was not a good thing to be in 1919. She picked up English working as a pickpocket and occasional bait for the wealthy and stupid. She was just getting to understand the language when she was caught up in a bank-robbery. Three men, famous for their daring attacks, swept into the bank and made off with masses of wealth. That might have been the end of it had one of them not stolen from the patrons as well, including a tightly bound package, containg a letter a key and a lighter. Dalai turned her skills to a purpose and perused these outlaws, sniffing out their safe houses through the grape vine.

At first her arrival was treated with suspicion, she was welcomed in and given a drink, but in order to let her go, them robber’s insisted on hearing her story. Dalai was not quick to trust, but she sensed kindred spirits among these men, the wild free barbarism of life outside the law. And she told them her story.

When all was said and done it was agreed that she would be one of them and live outside the law. She agreed at once.

The gang now consisted of Vincent, Danny, Russo and Kane, as it had been agreed that she needed a new name to hide her past from the world. Together, the four drove across the country, hunting for 1012 Huntingdon Lane. They hit five banks together, one in Pennsylvania, one in Indiana, one in Kansas and two in Nevada. Each time she played the hostage, casing the room before the other rushed in with guns, subtly ordering them and keeping the room calm by negotiating for them before the took her and left. Five heists later the four stood, well dressed and wealthy, before a mansion. 1012 Huntingdon Lane was barely short of a fortress. For days they team staked out the house, looking for the right weakness, then Vincent found the answer in the paper: The house was owned by Walter Birk, a film producer.

The next day Samantha Kane was an actress, interviewing for any film or song or photo she could find. The boys got to be her various suitors, chasing after her and building on her good looks and charm, making her seem ever more desirable. They also took more direct action to help her budding career, blackening a few eye’s or paying a few bribes to ensure Samantha got the shots she needed.

The first year was a nasty slog through social niceties that came as close to killing Sam as anything else up to that point. She had never been to a fancy party, she barely understood a word and all the talk about ‘how to be pretty’ bored her nearly to tears even as she devoted herself to trying to understand. Eventually she got her first modeling job, a year later she became a backup singer, a year after that her first brush with film as a stunt double, and so it went. Until, five years after her crime spree across the country, she came face to face with one of the cultists who’d killed her friends.

Birk was attending a party for the respected members of the film community and Samantha had tagged along with an actress she’d worked with before. She knew him before she saw him, and he seemed to sense her in return as their eye’s met across a room for of people. For a moment neither moved, then he smiled and waved beginning their game of cat and mouse. The two flirted that night, and at many parties to follow, always Birk implied that he might know her but never overtly said it.

Eventually he hired her for a film and the mutual attraction came to a head. She’d been going through his office for clues when he walked in on her. He offered a drink and, as he poured out some whiskey, admitted that there was something familiar about her, that he’d been trying to place ever since he’d seen her- whether or not he’d managed to do so he never said as Samantha pulled a garrote wire from her handbag and strangled him while his back was turned.

She left his room unseen and stayed on to finish the film even as investigators and reporters swarmed to the corpse. Everyone was questioned thoroughly and repeatedly but Sam kept her story strait and when filming concluded not a soul suspected her.

The second clue was a lighter. It was well made, old, heirloom perhaps, and had a depiction of shifting darkness that seemed to move if one looked at it too long. Without much more then a feeling of knowing, the now successful Samantha booked a flight to DC and had the Lighter appraised by experts at the Smithsonian. They told her it likely belonged to the Castle Family, old blood marking their heritage back to British monarchs predating the discovery of America. What the experts did not tell her, was that the family had a history with the occult, and that someone else was was looking for their latest descendant.

Tracking the family proved to be easier then Sam would have expected, they were far from low profile throwing old money around in old town st luise. Sam met with Margerette, the matron of the Castle family, and when she revealed the lighter in her questioning she was met with surprise and recognition, thought the old women admitted nothing. Sam planned to infiltrate the house that evening, but as she geared up for the robbery she was ambushed by masked men and knocked unconscious.

She awoke to find herself a prisoner of a Paladin Order devoted to the catholic church. They’d been persueing the Castle family for decades and suspected her of being an agent of the cults. After hearing her side of events, and trusting in their methods of interrogation, the Order allowed her to live on the grounds that she give them everything on the Castle Family. Having little, she agreed and worked with the knights over the next few years.

The Castle family went to ground after Sam appeared. Relatives went into hiding all across the world and digging them out became a dirty business akin to the urban violence Dalai had been comfortable with as a saboteur. She followed a paladin known only as Remus, carrying out seven bombings, mostly of small vehicles, though once of a structure she was forbidden from entering.

More then once she tried to glean more about the cults aims and agenda from her companions, but the Paladins remained frustratingly stoic, never confirming or denying the true nature of their struggle against the cults.

Six months passed in thei company, pursuing leads and assassinating two members of the Castle clan. The third was taken alive, but Remus denied Sam access to the interrogation, neither citing a reason not providing alternative. It was clear to Sam that she was being cut out of the investigation , and though she’s grown fold of Remus and his troops, this was unacceptable. She broke into his personal effects while he conducted the interrogation, copied his most recent Intel indicating a collection of cult activities in the hills of Oregon. Perhaps another lead to the Castle family could be found there.

Samantha Kane

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