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Call Of Shadows

Call Of Shadows is a Shadowrun 5E / Call Of Cthulhu 7E Crossover game. The game will run inside of one world at two different moments in time. This portal won’t reveal much about the story until your characters begin unwinding it.

Character Creation

For this game, you will need to make two characters. One set in 2074, the other in 1938.

2074 Character Creation Rules
1938 Character Creation Rules
1930’s Gear

1930’s example characters

1938 Character Improvement Rules

Cthulhu Mythos Notes
Recovering Sanity

The running histories of the two timelines. If you’ve missed some adventures, check out what happened here to catch up.
1930 Timeline
2074 Timeline

NPCs of note. Some of these can be contacts, some of these are just general schmoes who have found themselves in the story somehow, and some are clearly enemies. NPCs will be revealed as they are revealed in the world during the adventure.



Main Page

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